Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Life is short

I went to pay my last respect to arwah Pn Mashitah, Mr Fauzy's beloved wife at 4.00p.m today. Her death was a shock to a lot of people especially to her spouse, children and family.
I went to her house but was informed by her maid that the deceased had been brought to surau seksyen 11. When I reached the surau, the deceased was already bathed and wrapped. People...relatives, friends and neighbours were reciting tahlil and doa. I managed to talk to Mr Fauzy and asked him what was the cause of her death. Mr Fauzy said she collapsed in the bathroom this morning and emphasized that she had never had any serious illness before. One of her daughters verified that she passed away around 9.45a.m.

Allahyarhamah Pn Mashitah was a lovely and beautiful lady inside out. She would accompany and supported Mr Fauzi in every condition and situation. A mother of 6 - 3 boys and 3 girls - to me she had been a superb mom and wife. I pray that Mr Fauzy and her children would be able to accept her demise with open hearts...
It had been exactly 10 days my friends (ex-cmlians) and I last met her at the reunion on 19th December 2009. She was with us...I shook her hands and hugged her 3 times.... I saw her again at the wet market in Section 6 when we were buying kuih. We didn't talk to each other though since the place was crowded and I was talking to my neighbour Dr Hasni who has just came back from Haj. I had never thought that was the last time I saw her....

Her sudden death made me think...if only I would be able to choose how I die.... I would choose to die the same way as she died....so that I do not have to suffer from illness and be a burden to anybody, especially my husband and children... Or probably, after 2-3 days of illness then I passed away...that would be more acceptable for everyone I love to accept my death I guess. But Allah knows best for sure... Well, indeed life is too short...may Allah forgive us all and may Allah grant my wish.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Kuala Selangor

When Datin Lailee (my neighbour) came up with the idea of organizing a trip to Kuala Selangor, I was excited. I knew that I would bring my children along so that they could be exposed to kampung life although my MIL laughed at the idea of taking the kids to watch fireflies. How I wished she displayed some wisdom and supported the idea of taking city kids to visit kampung. I was brought up in the city eversince I was born and the same thing goes to my children. I hope that my kids share the same excitement as I have inside me.

On 25th December 2009 we gathered infront of Datin Lailee's house and went to Kuala Selangor by a chartered bus. There were 98 of us all together. 40 in the bus and the rest drove their own car. We checked in at De Palma chalets. I took 2 chalets with connecting door. The chalets cost me RM344.00 a night. Afnan and Ammar in one room. Izzah, Aiman and I in another. Once we placed our luggage in the chalet, we had lunch at the hotel coffee house. And the lunch cost us RM105.00. Afnan and Ammar went for Friday prayer at the mosque nearby by the chartered bus. After prayer they intended to swim at the hotel swimming pool but unfortunately it rained so heavily. At 3.30 we boarded a trem and off we went to Bukit Malawati. The last time I went up to Bukit Malawati was when I was small with arwah abah and my whole family.

Then the trem sent us back to the hotel after which we needed to hurry to Aroma Ikan Bakar in Jeram. We did our asar prayer at the restaurant around 6.30p.m. Then, we sat at the table and listened to several speeches by the DO of Kuala Selangor, Datin Lailee and Orang Besar Daerah before we were able to enjoy our dinner and at the same time watched the sun set. It was beautiful indeed. The dinner that night cost us RM120.00. We did our maghrib prayer before we left for Kg Kuantan for a sampan ride to watch fireflies. The sampan ride cost us only RM20 per boat as compared to the actual price RM40. Thank you to MDKS for the 50% discount. The MDKS staffs prepared supper for us all and we were entertained by a Dabus performance. We finally went back to hotel around 11.15pm. We took a shower and did our isya prayer before we went to bed.

The following morning we had breakfast at the hotel (4 complementary coupons-needed to pay only RM5.00 for Aiman). Then, we boarded the trem and went to Taman Alam to listen to a talk about mangrove, lotong and birds available in Kuala Selangor. Then, we went to Kuala Selangor jetty to go for a boat ride with a fisherman who demonstrated how cockles are harvested. All of us managed to bring back a bag full of free cockles home. After that we were brought to Taman Ikan Air Tawar for fishing and colouring competitions for the children. We were treated with air kelapa muda and various types of kerepek and bahulu.

After that we went back to the hotel to pack and check out. We were then brought to Kampung Sg Sireh homestay and given a talk about homestay. We were treated with nasi ambang for lunch. That was the first time my children and I ever tasted nasi ambang. Of course we could not finish the rice and dishes served in a big round tray, so we need to re tie the food and bring it back with us. Then, we boarded the bus and were shown to the area of Kg Sg Sireh through the bus window. We stopped at a small food factory (IKS) and I bought some kerepek and bahulu gulung. Finally, we headed home and reached Shah Alam at 6.40pm . I did my asar prayer at 7pm!

I am really grateful for the experience we got from the trip. I really hope my children had a great time too.....