Sunday, December 14, 2008

Palm Garden

4th December 2008.

Today my husband brought the family to Palm Garden except Nuha again since she refused to go. (She would rather stay at home watching Korean movies)

Abang and Afnan played golf together while I accompanied Izzah, Ammar and Aiman to the swimming pool at the club house. After about one hour swimming, rain fell and it became heavy which forced us to seek for shelter. While waiting for the rain to stop, we ate the food and drinks we brought and later Ammar and Aiman played snooker. Luckily I brought a book, so my time was filled. After about 50 minutes, the rain stopped. Ammar and Aiman wanted to swim again and I let them, but this time Izzah did not join her brothers probably because she was lazy to change her clothing again.

Look at how Izzah covered her face and avoided the camera. Izzah refused to have her photograph taken because she said that she looked like a chicken with the cap and suit on.

Dear children, each one of you are special in your own way and everyone has a special place in my heart. I love you all the same and I do not expect anything in return. I only want my children to be grateful, be true muslims inside out and able to lead a happy and meaningful life.

It's fun

Still the same day, 16 November 2008. It was a fun day for the kids. First, they took part in Cadbury's chocolate activities, then Fish Spa, and now having fun inside Sunway Pyramid. My kids have been nagging me to bring them to Sunway Lagoon (been there with the first 3 kids once) but I think I have to let Aiman grow taller first or otherwise it would be a waste that he would not be able to go for most of the rides since they require minimum height.

Look at their faces, I love seeing them beaming with happiness. My children are the love of my life. I pray that they are going to be grateful children who appreciate their parents.

Fish Spa

16 November 2008
On the same day we went to Sunway Pyramid, we accidentally bump to a fish spa outlet. My children were so excited to experience having little fishes biting the dead cells on their feet. Since the outlet gave special promotion price and looking at he kids faces who are so eager to give it a try, we walked in.

I was charged RM39 per session of 30 minutes (promotion price). Whereas the rest of the kids were charged half, RM19 each except Aiman (free - since he is too small). Aiman was too busy playing with his gameboy while the rest of us were enjoying the spa. I was given a free hand and feet massage for 5 minutes at the end of the session. I ended up buying the expensive massage lotion used as the salesgirl claimed that the lotion has softening and whitening functions which would be best for Nuha.

Cadbury's fun

16 November 2008

I brought my children, Izzah, Afnan, Ammar and Aiman to Sunway Pyramid to enjoy the day. Nuha did not come with us since her SPM papers are not finished yet and she needed to study.
I decided to use the valet parking since I have missed the entrance to the basement carpark. Anyway it only cost us RM8.00, so not bad for the convenience.

We started off to see the chocolate exhibition and activity by Cadbury's.

We have to buy chocolate worth of RM10 at least to be able to receive 10 points. These points could be used for the children to take part in the activities provided. Aiman got to colour a keychain and decorating biscuits. Ammar and Afnan competed in spelling words using letters taken from boxes filled with some sort of insects. Afnan won and received a prize. Later, Afnan and Ammar played a video game. Afnan lost but Ammar won a small teddy bear. Izzah used her points to taste chocolate fondue with marshmallows. At last, Afnan and Ammar tried to grab at least 8 letters printed in blue in the windy box but both of them failed to get any prize.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Smart Teaching and Learning Seminar

December 1st, 2008.
Dewan Bestari, Faculty of Education
University Malaya Kuala Lumpur.
8.30a.m. - 4.30a.m.

First Slot
The Keynote was delivered by Professor Dr John Arul Philips, Dean of School of Education and Cognitive Sciences from Asia e-University, Malaysia.
Title: Using the Internet for Higher Education Teaching and Learning: A Case Study.
Prof John highlighted two major functions of Web in serving the digital natives of today:
1. As communication tool (eg. online forum/blog, wikis, facebook, etc)
2. Repository (vast resources in teaching and learning- eg. articles & pdf files, e-books, videos, etc)

Prof John also introduced SIM - Self Instructional Modules/ Materials
  • clearly stated objectives
  • advice about how to study the materials
  • learner is active
  • activities
  • a conversation/ dialogue in print
  • learner is helped to apply new knowledge
  • structure is made clear
  • content is divided into small sections
  • extensive use of access devices to help reader
  • illustrations and diagrams used
Second Slot
Prof Dr Abdul Halim Sulaiman, Deputy Director of Academic Development Centre, University of Malaya, talked on a topic 'Engaging Teaching and Learning with Moodle'. Prof Halim emphasized that the digital natives of today do not rely only on classroom as the source of knowledge. Since Moodle is an open source for LMS, teachers and lecturers should utilize it to complement face to face teaching. It can be used as a platform for students to construct their own learning since it has social networking tools such as forum, blog, wiki and chat.

Third Slot

Ahmad Hazman Yusoff
, Project Director for EP-TEC Solution Sdn Bhd., talked about Getting the Most from Interactive Whiteboards (IWB). He mainly highlights the functions available in IWB as compared to traditional whiteboards.

Forth Slot

Elham Arabi, a graduate student from Iran presented on a topic ' Best Practices in ICT empowering Pre-Service Teachers'.

Fifth Slot

Foo Sze Yen
g, MIT student, presented on a topic, 'Reflective Learning Through Weblogging'.

Sixth Slot
ma Sayuti bt Mat Khalid, a PhD student presented on a topic 'Classroom Journey with Web 2.0'

Seventh Slot

Ng Huey Zher, MIT graduate, presented a topic 'Assessment via YouTube'.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Health Check and CPR Course

Sunday, 30th November 2008.

I woke up around 6a.m. this morning and cooked nasi lemak (13 lengs) once I had taken a shower and performed my prayer. At 7a.m. I drove to the wet market in Section 6 to claim kuih seri muka and talam ubi which I had ordered earlier. They cost me RM50.00.

Once I got back home I placed all the food on the serving tables I have arranged in front of the fish pond. Then, Dr Hasni arrived bringing murtabak raja and stuffs for the nurses and staffs from the health unit. Later, the nurses and another Dr arrived together with the other guys and staffs from the health unit.

The second person to arrive was Datin Faridah. She brought bread pudding with raisins and almond flakes. Then more neighbours started to come and did the glukose and cholestrol checks. Mine was in the normal range. At around 9.45a.m. everyone who came went into the house to listen to the talk and course on CPR. The instructor in charge was Mr Mohan. He gave a very clear presentation on the course. Basically, we need to remember D R A B C.

D is for Danger - we need to assess the situation. Move the danger away from the casualty or
move the casualty away from the danger.
R is for response - we need to pat hard on the casualty's shoulder for response. If there is no
response, then we need to call for help.
A is for Airway - One palm is placed on the casualty's forehead and use two fingers from the
other hand to tilt the jawline to unblock the airway of the casualty.
B is for Breathing - Listen to the breathing noise by placing our ear on the casualty's nose. At the
same time feel for any breathing heat from the casualty's mouse and look for
any breathing movement on the chest. When there is no breathing, squeeze
the casualty's nose and give mouth to mouth resusitation twice. Then, check
for pulse.
C is for CPR - Once we are confident that there is no pulse, start giving CPR on the casualty's
chest for 30 times. Make sure our body position is right and we lock our
elbow so that we could use our body weight to put pressure on the chest.
Then, blow the casualty's mouth twice again and repeat the CPR for 5 cycles.
Check for pulse. Keep doing it until help arises.

Besides CPR, Mr Mohan also demonstrated to us how to help if a baby or an adult is choking. The session ended at about 12.00p.m. Then guests continue with the food and house tour.
Everyone left at about 1.00p.m.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mini reunion@40

27th November 2008 - I really had a great fun. A mini reunion of CMLites class of '86 when all of us turned 40 this year. Yati, CK Zarina, Zalilah, Haniza and Noriah gathered at my house. Yati from Rawang fetched Ila at Kepong and CK at Vistana apartment in KL. They arrived at around 4p.m. Later around 6.15 Haniza joined. Noriah came after maghrib.

I was really excited about their coming. I cooked serawa durian and chicken curry to be eaten with roti jala (I jala myself of course). Then, I fried macaroni. I asked my maid to fry curry puff which I had prepared the day before.

Yati and I and Nor had been housemates when we were in Azusa, LA. Then, when we moved to Turlock, Yati, Ina and I became housemates. Nor and Ila were in Fresno. Haniza was way up in Nebraska. Then, when we moved to Stockton, I lived with Intan. Yati and Ina got their own housemates later on.

There were so many memories that we shared yesterday. All the precious memories from universtiy sweet hearts to classes that we had attended and to the present moments. Gosh, there were so much to catch up with each other.

Looking at academic achievement, Haniza is now a philosophy doctor, teaching in UIA Gombak. Yati is doing her PhD, just finished her first semester. Ila just got back from Jeddah teaching in King Abd Aziz College for I year and now back for good and teaching part time in UIA. Nor has her MA in TESL teaching in IPBA. Ina is a teacher in school again after giving her service for several years in PPD. As for me I am an MIT student in UM. Just completed my second semester. I feel that we are all blessed for having and being able to achieved what we want in life.

I am very grateful that we are all doing well both in our family life and career. I hope we will see each other again soon and recollect the moments that we have been through together which had made us wiser individuals.