Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Trivial matter... people may have said... Yeah it all starts with trivial matter... Most of the times we choose to ignore and hope the uneasy feelings would go away.  But when it recurs and continues to recur these trivial matters would accumulate and become big enough to blow your top. Every trivial things that coupes up inside becomes complicated to explain...  How do you define trivial anyway? Things that are trivial to you might not viewed the same by others...

When you regard something or some one to be important in your life you would want to be able to see or hold it/her  whenever you have the chance.  You would want her to be counted in every little thing of your life.  When you start to exclude her in situation that is or was once important in your life, she would get the signal and a gap starts to develop in between. Every trivial matter you created would make the gap wider.  Even if she tries so much to close the gap by doing things she would like you to do to her the gap won't disappear unless the effort is mutual.  Her repetitive frustrations will make her stop from trying to close the gap.  She will cease all efforts.  She would give in and create her own new circle of happiness. Over time her feelings will just turn numb...

Hope it won't be too late for any one to realise that he / she should take trivial matter seriously.... especially when it involves some one he /she thinks important in his/her life.

Thank you for the friendship

In many occasions, 
perplexed situations, 
emotional turbulence, 
instability of mind,
fragility of composure,

Thank you for offering shoulders to cry on...
Thank you for listening
Thank you for asking
Thank you for insisting
Thank you for respecting
Thank you for showing concern
Thank you for adding colours to life
Thank you for standing firm
Thank you for supporting
Thank you for understanding
Thank you for compromising
Thank you for forgiving
Thank you for advising
Thank you for keeping company
Thank you for helping
Thank you for giving
Thank you for looking
Thank you for treating
Thank you for making time
Thank you for liking
Thank you for caring
Thank you for loving
Thank you for missing
Thank you for praying
Thank you for doing all the extra effort
Thank you for sharing joy and happiness
Thank you for patting
Thank you for smiling
Thank you for just being there

Hugs and kisses
May Allah bless you all dear friends.

The space

Wonder if the space exists right from the start.  Probably it was only an assumption that the space is created. The hustle and bustle of life seemed to have portrayed an illusion that the space has ever been allocated. Now as time passes the space looks invisible.  The space has gone and a huge gap has replaced the space. The huge gap seems to grow larger although the players choose to ignore.

Mercy ya Allah...

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The land of the long white clouds

I am truly blessed Alhamdulillah.  Flying to Auckland with my loved ones on business class made me thank Allah incessantly. Viewing the magnificent scenery before my eyes really made me feel so small as a servant of the All Mighty.
Here are some of the pictures.