Monday, August 19, 2013


Dishonest means deceptive or fraudulent; disposed to cheat or defraud or deceive.

When you are given a sum of money for shopping and was told to use them as you like since the person who gave the money to you told you explicitly that he regarded the money as a gift for anniversary, can you be charged as dishonest when you use some of the money for groceries and household expenditure?

Cost of living is getting higher.  Let us see a few examples. Now, toothpaste costs around RM7.00, Head & Shoulder shampoo costs around RM19++, Fragrant Rice can cost up to RM60++ for 10kg, etc If RM200 was enough to buy provision for one month 20 years ago, RM500 might not be enough to buy household needs for a week.

From now on, we might want to just put our feet down and let the responsibility be taken over by the rightful owner. Being charged as dishonest is too painful for some to take it.

It is irony though ...
Very frustrating indeed - when a large sum of money given to other people seems so little... and the same amount of money seems a lot when it is given to different people...

Keep telling myself, life is short.... just be grateful  ... (and forgiving)

Sunday, August 18, 2013


It is not wrong feeling doubtful
When you have reasons feeling that way
There is none to hang on to..
No wishes, no kisses, no warmth, no comfort....
What is there?
Anger, madness, frustration, grumble, intimidation, hatred....

Still in doubt
Has been mute, deaf and blind...
injustice, unfair...

I should stop doing the same routine
I should defy and strike back
I should stop pleasing others
I should stop hoping it would change

I should decide now
whether to stay or just walk away...

Ya Allah,
I am pleading you to give me strength..
to hold back and steadfast..
after all, life is short..

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Nobody is perfect

Perfection belongs only to Allah.

If a mankind expect perfection from another mankind
he will lose the people who care for him.
They will be too tired for not able to impress him.
Feeling superior than other mankind 
will not make you superior in front of Allah

Accept the people around you with an open heart and mind.
Spread the love around by giving your sincere smile
Show your concern by just tapping a shoulder.
Voice out your gratefulness for having them around
Appreciate their presence by looking into their eyes while talking
Respect their opinion even if you disagree with them
Be compassionate by offering a shoulder to cry on
Lend a helping hand 
Pray for their well being
Be close to the Creator
You'll definitely able to get close to It's creation.
Still looking for perfection?
Stop looking if you cannot be one.


Life is about getting and giving the right balance.
Complement is the key for a balanced life.
You cannot have all. You will definitely hurt others or hurt by others along the way.

Strong vs weak
Soft vs loud
Slow vs speed
Tall vs short
Big vs small
Fat vs slim
Patience vs haste
Thrift vs spendthrift

Don't make me walk away

Am still trying hard not to lose head
Am still trying to swallow the words 
The bruises are still fresh
Holding back tears
Prayers and hopes are faithful companions

Empathy has never been present
Sympathy has always been absent
Convenience is the key
Perfection must be made possible
Complement or compliment is not in the dictionary
Love and respect are disappearing
Care is fading
Responsibility remains

Overwhelmed to impress others
And hurt the other
Impatience and Anger revealed
Iman and taqwa concealed
Drifting away and further away

Am afraid can't keep the head straight anymore
Am afraid can't hold back tears and frustrations
Am afraid can't tolerate being used and feeling humiliated
Am afraid will put the feet down and walk away

Am just too tired

Tired of feeling scared of being scolded
Tired of feeling incomplete
Tired of trying to be perfect

Mercy Ya Allah
Keep giving patience
Don't make me walk away
If he  wants me stay
Improve his relationship with Allah

Praying for an eternal happiness in the hereafter.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Every time I thought I am beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel, the light turns dim.
I hope Allah will not take away the smile from me.  I can still smile because I know Allah is always there for me to turn to.  Bless me ya Allah.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Out station record

I thought of doing it long ago but couldn't find the time.  But I guess I have to put it down somewhere so that I could refer to when needed.
It is about work that I have to pass and plead  a friend to take over.
Alhamdulillah, I managed to join some of the activities (in blue prints)

  1. 8-11 January - BIG  - Pangkor
  2. 21-14 January 2013 - BIG Sitiawan
  3. 8-11 March - MBM Seni Lakon - Langkawi 
  4. 12-15 March - BIG Melaka 
  5. 14-15 March - Managing Corporate Batik - Kuala Terengganu 
  6. 19-22 March - BIG - Kuala Tahan Pahang
  7. 23-25 March - UB - Taman Negara