Thursday, September 29, 2011

Calling from the heart

Landed on Heathrow Airport feeling nervous and uncertain, F and M were among the cream of the crops being sent to Oxbridge programme back in 1984. They were lucky for being selected as the foster children of one of the officers at the Malaysian Student Department. The dedicated and compassionate officer (Ustaz) and his wife would visit them and bring home cooked food to their place and every now and then would see to their needs until the Ustaz left London for good.

Once, F came back to his home country for holiday and he took a great effort to visit the Ustaz.

Time passed..... and passed ..... and passed.... F has become a respectable surgeon..... Time passed.... and passed...... and passed...... Once in a while the Ustaz's wife will talk about their foster children ... wondering what have they become .......

Once peaceful morning after suffering from multiple illnesses for quite a while, the Ustaz passed away...... Time passed .... and passed........ and passed.....

Then one day, the surgeon suddenly reminisced the moments when he was in the foreign land and the kindness which had been extended by the Ustaz. His heart longing to find the officer. The surgeon's wife emphatized with the husband's inner desire posted an announcement on her facebook wall searching for the Ustaz or his family. To her amazement, the response she received was very quick and she got to talk to the Ustaz's daughter instantly. Sadness tone could be felt on the other end of the receiver when the surgeon learnt about the demise of the officer. The surgeon then called the Ustaz's wife and made arrangement to pay her a visit.......

Alhamdulillah .... at last my mom gets to meet him, his once upon a time a foster child whom she would talk about every now and then. May Allah reward my parents' kindness with Jannah.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Self check

Improving ourselves from time to time must be top priority.

  • We must be better persons today as compared to yesterday.
  • We must be better boys/girls today as compared to yesterday.
  • We must be better men / women today as compared to yesterday.
  • We must be better son/daughter today as compared to yesterday.
  • We must be better husbands/wives today as compared to yesterday.
  • We must be better fathers/mothers today as compared to yesterday.
  • We must be better workers today as compared to yesterday.
  • We must be better doctors/nurses today as compared to yesterday.
  • We must be better managers today as compared to yesterday
  • We must be better teachers today as compared to yesterday.
  • We must be better students today as compared to yesterday.
  • We must be better leaders today as compared to yesterday.
  • We must be better directors today as compared to yesterday.

We must be better! We must be improving without stopping .......
Do self-check!
  • Have we done enough for ourselves?
  • Have we done enough for our stake holders?
  • Have we done enough for our children?
  • Have we done enough for our parents?
  • Have we done enough for our country?

Narrow it down and do another detailed self-check!
  • What have I done to improve myself?
  • Is my return this time just as good/bad as last year?
  • What skills have I improved this time?
  • Have my attitude changed to become better individual?
  • Have I taken all the advices given to me seriously?
  • Have I planned and implemented the strategies to improve my behaviour, thinking, personality, effort and attitude?
  • What have I done to please my parents?
  • Have I done enough?
  • What shouldn't I do next time?
  • What should I do next time?
  • Have I listed them down?
  • Have I prepared check list?
  • Have I taken my parents' advice seriously?
  • Have I applied my parents' advice in my day to day living?
  • Have I set/regard my parents' command as first priority?
  • What else can I improve?
Improving ourselves is a never ending task. Just be thankful that we have parents, family and friends who are able to do some check and balance towards or thoughts and actions.

The gift of life

43! Some people say age is just a number. Yup, but humans give meaning to this number. 43 means a lot to me this year to mark the number of years Allah has lent me the life to live with my loved ones. I don't wish to live for a very long time but I wish to live a healthy and quality life with the people I love around me.

Allah has been very generous to me indeed.... The biggest present I have all these years are my family members ... my other half, my children, my parents, my grandparents and my siblings. They made my life complete, Alhamdulillah.

Thank you Allah for the blessings, happiness and health....... Happy 43rd birthday!

Trailing the memory lane

Being able to meet junior high school and high school friends after some 20 odd years (almost 30 years) was really a blessing. I am grateful to my spouse for his understanding in letting me go with Liza, my junior high school long lost friend. I could not really recognize some of the boys or I would rather call men (since we are all in our 40+....hehe... how time flies). We were in our early teens when we were classmates, schoolmates and dorm mates. I can imagine how ugly, chubby, childish and untidy must I have been back then.

Alhamdulillah, we survived boarding school. Being away from parents at the tender age of 13. What did we do together? Attend school, do laundry, make up beds, clean dormitory, play games and sports, watch movie, pray together, help teacher, study at night, .... the list could go on and on.... Those were the days....

Now that we have settled down with family and children.....we lead our own lives and take our own path and career. I must thank Ahmad Hazari Ismail (AHI), my classmate from form 1-5) and NorMuriani (who had helped me and took a great effort to find facial cream for my acne problem back in 1983) for their effort in reuniting us. Without their commitment and hardwork I don't think the event would be a success. Thank you to Liza too for being my co-pilot and for keeping me company along the way. Alhamdulillah, I really hope there would be some other time we would meet again.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Tone

A mother's heart is in grief....

Any child must know that
  • It is okay for parents to talk in firm tone but a child must never!
  • It is okay for parents to speak in a loud tone but a child must never!
  • It is okay for parents to talk in a harsh tone but a child must never!
A child MUST NOT give any excuse to allow them to talk in a LOUD tone to their parents by saying "You started with that tone first!".

Why do parents talk in loud tone?
There must be reasons ...
  • to emphasize the importance of the commands given
  • to warn or teach a lesson after several reminders have been extended
  • to ensure that the advice offered registered into their mind
  • to prevent them from getting annoyed by the child's anticipated behaviour.
Bear in mind what ever the tone used by parents when they speak must be for reasons.... they are used to the child's behaviour and they know by heart how the child will react ...

A child MUST NOT use a loud or harsh tone when talking to parents!! NEVER, NEVER!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nearing 43

Will I be able to make to 43? Only Allah knows. I'll change the title of this blog to Hana@43 soon! Looking back..... I feel so grateful to Allah the All Mighty for blessing me with the life I've been living. I wouldn't ask for more although I do believe that I could have accomplished more.....

I am blessed with knowledgeable and respectable father, Allahyarham Ustaz Hj Hussain b Unang. I am blessed with beautiful and kind mother, Hajjah Ramlah bt Hj Suri. I am blessed for still having my dear grandmother around, Hajjah Sulimah bt Marjungi. I am blessed with accomplished siblings, Dr Hjh Nurulhuda Hussain, Dr Hjh Nurulwafa Hussain and Hj Muhammad Zaid Hussain.

I am blessed having the pillar of my strength: My family. I am blessed with a handsome and generous husband, Hj Abd Hakim bin Husin. I am blessed with 5 intelligent and lovely children, Nuha Muneerah bt Abd Hakim, Izzah Farihah bt Abd Hakim, Muhammad Afnan b Abd Hakim, Muhammad 'Ammar b Abd Hakim and Muhammad Aiman b Abd Hakim. I am blessed for having 8 cats roaming around the house whose characters are able to make me chuckle.

I am blessed for the education and the qualification I received. I am blessed for having a career which I am passionate about although I have become a victim of several opportunist people throughout my career.

I am blessed for still able to breathe and enjoy the health, wealth and happiness that bestowed upon me although the Dr had once told me that I might not even live to see my kids grow up. O course the list doesn't stop here ....

Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah...