Sunday, January 9, 2011

My tribute to Hj Omar b Mamat

I didn't know that this jovial man is an accomplished writer. I didn't know that he has written numerous novels and short stories. I didn't know that my children studied his short stories in school (Antologi Cerpen Anak Bumi Tercinta). I didn't know that he started his career a year before I was born.

There are so many things I didn't know about him. I took his presence as a colleague for granted. I learnt about his colourful life on his retirement day! I felt so pathetic towards myself but at the same time feeling lucky after reading his profile. I felt so pathetic for my ignorance and I felt lucky because I have worked under the same roof as this noble man (for only a year). However, I still blame myself for not being smart enough to learn about him.

I regret that many took him for granted, especially the big bosses in the college. He was not given the due respect, appreciation and recognition. I'm writing this with a heavy sigh..... People could be so mean and selfish. I guess, that is life... we can't have all, I supposed. Just be grateful and forgiving? Only when we see it fits!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Just say NO

Some people have problem in saying No. Some others will not take No for an answer. Many people would wish to have been said Yes all the time to their requests..but in reality, we need to be meticulous before we give a positive answer or otherwise we will be bounded to the promise we have made for life! I have said NO many times in my life. Nevertheless, I've said YES twice or trice as much as I said NO in my life. Well of course on different situations, occasions and people.

When I was a teenager, I built a very thick and sturdy invisible wall around myself. No man could ever penetrate the wall. Not even the one who said he was not a quitter. Many came approaching in different ways. Some had almost made the invisible wall melted but I stood by my principle. Study came first. I set my priorities and obediently stood by them. I made sure I get my degree first before I made any commitments. I only sought for Allah's and parents' consent. So my invisible wall disappeared when my parents asked me to accept someone's proposal. Although I was pretty much unsure myself but one thing that I was absolutely sure was I had my parents' consent if I were to say YES. Still, I made sure the scroll is mine before I settled down.

So the guys out there who wish to knock my daughter's heart, please make sure you don't burden her with your charm for she has been advised to say NO until she is doing her houseman year. I assure you that you will not be able to penetrate her wall until her parents say YES. Beware and be aware that her answer remains NO until then.

Allah bless you my son

Alhamdulillah.. grateful to Allah for blessing me with Afnan, my first son. His achievement in PMR really made me and my husband proud and thankful. I always have faith in him because he has been obedient and hardworking although he likes to nag which is very unlikely for a boy at his age.

I have never regretted conceiving and delivering him to this world. I had the chance to breastfeed him for only 6 months due to my hyperthyrodism and I needed to take medication. The Dr. did not allow me to breastfeed him since the medicine can affect his intelligence. Alhamdulillah, I am really glad and thankful that I followed the Dr's advice.

This year Afnan will enroll in the Military School or better known as RMC (Royal Military College). I had the opportunity to be around when he took his fitness test at the College in Sg Besi. He managed to complete the 2.4km run in 13:30 minutes. Still, he needs to do his trainings every evening to upgrade his stamina to prepare him for the physical activities in the College later. I pray that he will be able to survive in RMC and continue to succeed in his SPM so that his dream to become a doctor will materialise. I will surely miss him when he is away from home, but I know all of us need to be strong and firm to ensure his success in the future. May Allah bless you, my son.