Thursday, October 28, 2010

Carrot Rice

I had a chance to taste carrot rice cooked by my colleague - Zabeha Hussin - this very morning. She is indeed a good cook. I wouldn't miss to beg for her recipe. I am sharing it here if you care to try it yourself.

1 kg basmati rice - wash and strain
water ratio 1:1
4 carrots -grate
2 tbs condensed milk
1 cup evaporated milk
1/2 cup mint leaves juice
coriander leaves
lemon grass - pound once or twice
tomato -diced

** 5 green chilis - blend and strain
4 onions - blend and strain
8 garlics - blend and strain
1 inch ginger - blend and take the juice only

Boil water in the rice cooker.
*In another pot, heat some oil + ghee/planta. Saute cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, star anise and lemon grass. Then, add in ** until half brown.

Once the water in the rice cooker is boiled, add in *, salt, condensed milk, diced tomato. Then add in rice, grated carrot and stir well. When the rice is 75% cooked, add in evaporated milk, mint leaves juice and coriander leaves. Let the rice cook.

Serve the rice with fried/rendang chicken, Kurma beef and Air Asam.

Air Asam Zabeha

Blend onion, red chilli, cili padi, tomato, shrimp paste, salt and sugar.
Mix with slices of onions and tomatoes.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Eternal love

I had a good chat with a colleague at my office this morning. She is an established poet whose picture was published in major newspapers every now and then. Besides, she had won four literary awards at national level. As she is in her forth year of doing PhD part time, I took the opportunity to get some insights from her. She told me to research on something which I am passionate about or else I will find it tiresome. Since she the passion in Malay Literature she studied all the short stories written by Dato Dr Anwar Ridhuan (Sasterawan Negara 2009).

Through her critical analysis she found out that none of the love short stories written by Dr Anwar has happy ending. Through research and interview she then concluded that Dr Anwar believes that happiness and eternal love is only for and from Allah. To him love for and from mankind would always end up with dissatisfaction and disaster. After listening to her explanation, I paused to think .... I began to develop my admiration towards the nobel writer, Dr Anwar. I've yet to read all his pieces and discover the beauty through his writings myself.

Being sensitive

Sensitive, huh? Is it bad? It could be good. Depending on how you look at it... Being sensitive would help you to analyze and reflect on your thinking, your stand, your action ... etc. It helps you to realize who you are... what you have done ... what you should have done ... what you should not do.... It helps you to draw the line and not get carried away ...

Very well... I am very well aware of my status ...

I am very well aware that I should know my limitations ...

I am very well aware that I should be responsible for the things I have done ...

I am very well aware that I should not take things for granted ....
(and let others take me for granted? Oh well .. *sigh*)

I am very well aware that I should not depend on others ...

Being sensitive? Duh! As if anybody cares ...


Awareness alone is not enough ... act on it!
Do not use what does not belong to you... SIMPLE! Daaaa!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


We have innovation exhibition at the college where I am teaching today. I didn't have time to visit all booths but there were a couple of booths I visited displayed 'big book'. One is done for English language lesson and the other one is for special education kids.

The students in the first booth I visited were not able to tell me the angle of innovation they had done in developing the book whereas the students in the second booth were not able to tell the benefits of the innovation they would expect the children would experience as a result of the big book they 'innovated'. My answer to their inability to answer my questions was because they 'innovate' the big book without analysing the needs of the end users. They need to do needs analysis in order to come up with the solution to the existing problems among learners. On the other hand they came up with the 'innovation' just for the sake of doing it.

Designing instructions must be based on learning theory and instructional model and based on the needs of the learners.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Unconditional love

If it is not meant to be then it is not meant to be... no question asked. Just be grateful for the world is only a pit stop and it is better aiming to live gracefully in the eternity.

Some are lucky... their love is mutual ..

  • they get to recharge or be recharged
  • they get to complement each other
  • they get to scratch each others back
  • they get to feel appreciated when they are together
  • they get to hear assuring words and feel assuring actions
  • they get to be persuaded every time they are sulking
  • they get to be pampered and treated with love and respect
  • they get to feel complete even if they are far from perfect
  • they get to accept each others shortcomings without complaints
while others ... often times their love is one-sided ... they give their all but they receive so little in return.... they don't complain because to them, their love is unconditional ...
  • they self-charge
  • they complement the other
  • they scratch the other
  • they show appreciation to the other
  • they give assuring words and do assuring actions
  • they self-heal and find happiness within themselves
  • they give their love, commitment and respect to the other
  • they accept the others' shortcomings with open hearts and minds
  • they feel incomplete whenever they are together
  • they feel their presence is taken for granted

Love should be unconditional, treated with respect, felt and heard. Love requires faith, trust, sincerity, tolerance, acceptance, loyalty as well as emotional and physical sacrifices. Love doesn't need to be showered with material wealth. It needs some understanding, considerations, compromise, touch and care. Love does not necessarily be mutual even though it hurts. Some times, we are in love and yet we feel lonely. Some other time, love is for you to let go and often times you just have to make some time hoping to let it grow.

What others thought of us are wishes that we hope they are true. But at times, they are just too good to be true.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Ever since I could remember, I have always received compliments and comments from friends, students and strangers with regard to my youthful look. Frankly speaking, I don't enjoy it. If given a choice I would prefer to look my age ...


So that I would receive the due respect I should get
So that I wouldn't be bypassed for bigger responsibilities and promotion
So that people would listen to my voice and views

There were quite a number of incidences in my career to relate to my point. Here are the major ones:
  • I failed to get APC in 2000 (my colleagues made a fuss when I did not receive the due credit since they observed my working culture - the administrator thought I was too young to get it although I have served longer than those who received it then)
  • I was bypassed for promotions (Head of Department as well as Senior Assistant of Student Affairs)
  • I was bypassed to get the APC for many years after that until the senior assistant realised that I was the last two candidates who helped to start the school hadn't received the APC.
  • I was treated as a 'kid' when I move to a new work place.
Sometimes I felt insulted when people made extreme comments. Here are the instances.
  • A counselor who posted to the school where I taught thought I was a fresh graduate when I have served the school for more than 10 years.
  • A salesman told me that I must have married when I was 15 when he saw my second daughter who was 16 then.
  • A fellow course participant thought I was in my 20's with an IQ of 40's when I am actually in my 40's!!! (Grr...)
  • etc
See, how people see me has become a liability rather than a mere lucky?

Well, despite all the comments I have written above, I know I should be grateful to Allah the Almighty for giving me every thing that I have today.