Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My graduation

This entry has long been overdue... but I want to write about it anyway...
My graduation! It was a sweet moment for me since it was my first experience to receive a scroll from a royalty. I did not go through the same experience after the completion of my first degree in the States since I came back to Malaysia before my commencement was held.

Alhamdulillah, all the hard work has paid off. I am a grateful mother and wife for I have accomplished my master at the age of 42 (late bloomer, huh?) I owe a lot to my family for being there for me through thick and thin especially to my dear soul mate for being there for me when I need to engage myself in an intellectual discourse. My family is the pillar of my strength. I am really grateful to Allah for all the blessing I received.

Below is the acknowledgment I have written in my research report:

The intellectual journey I have gone through in completing this study was a remarkable process of endless thinking and questioning. Therefore, my gratitude is to everyone mentioned below.

I am truly grateful especially to ‘Allah’ who had and would never tire listening and answering to my prayers. My heartiest gratitude is forwarded to all my lecturers who have opened the door to the exploration of boundless knowledge throughout my academic years in University of Malaya. Exceptional gratitude is extended to my supervisor, Prof. Raja Maznah Raja Hussain for her presence, guidance, patience, encouragements and wisdom which had brought to my interest and enthusiasm in trying to make a difference in helping teachers to enhance their personal development through the use of technology.

My thanks are also extended to my supportive course mates in the M.I.T. programme who have always willing to share ideas and shed my doubts when I needed them most. To all the participants, thank you for joining the forum.

Ultimately, my priceless appreciation goes to my beloved family for being there for me during thick and thin, especially when I was experiencing emotional turbulence in trying to conquer the victory in completing my study. Thank you to my husband, for his unconditional love, understanding, ideas, patience and material as well as moral support. Thank you to all my five children, for behaving well throughout these years and thank you to my parents, for never cease to wanting the best for their daughter.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Aiming high

I haven't written for quite some time although I have a lot to write and share.... I have long wanted to write about my admiration towards the traffic police whom I encounter every time I go to work. I wanted to write about my gratefulness when my other half is back from Gaza. I wanted to write about my experience studying and working in the States. I wanted to write about how I feel toward the classes I am teaching. I wanted to share how frustrated I am when my website is gone due to the breakdown of the web host server. I wanted to share my Raya preparation and write about my worries about my children's well being if I am no longer around to celebrate Raya. ... The list could go on .. I just don't have the time to sit and write. I need to write my PhD proposal when I myself am not sure of the scope I would want to focus on... I am worried about the fund .. 3K ++ per semester ... yes ... I always want to aim for the highest and I am still moving forward .... May Allah make it easy for me to realise my dream of getting the initial PhD at the back of my name.