Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Life is full of ups and downs. Emotions and feelings are very much depending on our environment, hormones, ways of thinking and personality. Looking back, I guess...my life has been blessed. I am blessed with a family, education, career and friends who or which have made my life complete. Before I decided to work at IPG I was really worried......the working hours is from 8am to 5pm. I was worried since I would not be able to cook for lunch and cater for my husband's and children's needs during my absence for work...

Alhamdulillah, my husband convinced me that there was nothing for me to worry since he can cook for himself and the maids can cook for the children. Last night my husband brought us to dine at Victoria Station for dinner. I was truly touched... I didn't have to cook. Then, he told me since I am now working at IPG as a lecturer, he wouldn't stop me if I need to go for a course as he used to when I was a teacher. I appreciate his understandings and I vowed not to abuse his trust. Whatever happens, to me, family will always comes first and career second.

I think, whoever is in my position and has gone through what I have experienced before would really feel grateful and blessed.

Thank you ya Allah for making my life easier and I pray that happiness will always be rewarded to me and my whole family.

My cubicle

Alhamdulillah,...my first day in IPG was not bad at all. Since the director was away yesterday, I reported myself to her deputy and later to my head unit of Kokurikulum, Mr Noor Azuddin as I was supposed to be Koko lecturer.

This morning, I went to see the director. To my surprise she asked me 'which department would I be more comfortable to work in?' Well...I answered "I was thinking of helping the english language team since TESL is my strength" Then, she assigned me to the English unit and I have my cubicle in the english language unit!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Seeks comfort but got blame instead

Sometimes when we are in a middle of a crisis or having a problem, we need to tell somebody we trust to share the confusion we have. But my intention to share the problem did not get any sympathy. I wish to seek comfort by telling what had happened but I was blamed for letting it happen. I felt so frustrated and hurt inside... ..Allah, help me!

When the whole story had not been laid out, conclusions were made. I hate to quarrel so I just admitted my fault. To my surprise that caused anger. I felt so pathetic. I felt like I wanted to just shut my mouth forever...I felt so inadequate. People would think I was lucky ...why didn't I feel lucky? Because most of times I feel incomplete...I would normally hear complaints....complaints about my cookings, complaints about the actions I took, complaints about the things I said, complaints about the decisions I made..and the list could go on.... Anybody in my position would feel the same.

Sometimes it makes me wonder...why?I am just not good enough, huh?