Friday, October 30, 2009


It takes a mother to know how mothers feel... When a mother made a request to her daughter who is also a mother but her daughter who is a mother could not fulfill the request of her mother resulting both mothers to become sad.

Sometimes, a mother just wants to go for a ride with her daughter for no particular reasons. Her daughter understands that but her daughter's guardian forbids her from going for the ride with her mother also for no particular reasons.

The daughter feels so much pressured inside because she knows that her mother's love has no boundary but her guardian's love comes in boxes. Besides, some times, the daughter feels unappreciated when she is around her guardian. The daughter doesn't know how to make things right. The daughter pity her mother but needs to obey her guardian.

Should the daughter defy? Should the daughter defend for her right? The daughter prays that Allah will soften the guardian's heart and open up his mind and eyes. The daughter feels helpless and she has only Allah to turn to because her daughter who used to lend her ears is away. Her other daughter hates her and only talk to her when she needs something from her.

Sometimes this daughter couldn't help thinking would she experience the same thing later? She still remembers how her guardian forbid her from joining her mother and family get together 3 times. Would her future sons in law take her daughters away too? This daughter doesn't have the answer....May Allah always bless her and her mother...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Umi's Spaghetti Bologna


1 packet of spaghetti (boil until soft with 1 tablespoon of cooking oil-let the water boil first before you place the spaghetti into the pot- once the spaghetti is soft, drain the water and rinse the spaghetti with tap water)

1/4'' ginger
6 cloves of garlic
10 cloves of shallots (or2-4 onions-depending on the size)
2 tbsp of blended dried chilli or powdered chilli (depends on how spicy you would want it to be)
1 bottle of tomato ketchup
1 teaspoon dried oregano leaves
300g minced meat
salt, sugar, seasonings to taste

carrot, onions and tomatoes - cut into cubes
button mushroom - slice

Blend ginger, garlic & onion. Heat some cooking oil. Saute the blended ingredients until brown. Add in chilli and fry until brown. Then, add in minced meat and 1 cup of water. Let the meat soft and cook. After that add in tomato ketchup (you can also add in Prego spaghetti sauce).
Add in the rest of the ingredients. Add water (depending on your desired thickness). Let it simmer for 30 minutes on slow fire. (make sure you could trace the taste of salty, sweet and sour at the same time before it is ready to be served). Happy cooking!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Ayam masak Kurma especially for Nuha


Chicken of course (half)

1/4 '' of ginger
4 cloves of garlic
5 cloves of shallots

to be pounded or blended
then mix with 3 tablespoons of kurma powder (add some water).

other ingredients:
bunga lawang
buah pelaga
tamarind juice
coconut milk (if you are using powdered - use half a packet and add with a glass of water)
green chili (if available)

Heat some oil in a cooking pot. Saute cinnamon, bunga lawang and pelaga. Then add in the pounded ingredients and salt. Fry until yellow. Then add in the cut chicken. Add some water and cut potatoes. Stir once in a while and leave it until the potatoes are 3/4 soft. Then, add in the coconut milk. Stir. Add in some tamarind juice. Add seasoning and salt to taste. Let it simmer for a while or until the potatoes are soft. Before turn off the stove, add in green chili cut in half and tomatoes cut in 4. Ready to serve.

Happy cooking!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Give her time....

Have you heard a saying 'to love is to let go'? Hmm... it must be painful I know...but it depends..well, one thing for sure girls do not like to be pushed... not sure if I could make this generalization, but based on my own experience... yes, I don't like to be pushed. The persistence of forcing a girl to accept you in her life will drive her away from you.

I still remember when I was studying in one of the small towns in the States. There was a guy who had asked for my hand...I was not sure whether I would say 'yes' to his request at first...but his persistence scared me away. He would call almost everyday begging me to say yes. I needed space... I needed time to like a was not easy to fall in fact, there was no love between me and my husband when we were engaged since our relationship was based on family arrangement. I am not a person who would easily fall to any tom, dick and harry. Since I have vowed to myself that I would only give my all to a man when I am definitely sure that he is the one. I have also vowed that the man I was going to marry will be my first and my last life time partner.

That guy wanted me to say yes without making any effort to win my heart. He did not offer any help to carry my bags or tend to my needs when I first moved to the area. He was not a gentleman. How could I say yes to him when my heart says no...

What would melt my heart? Guess! Romance? Persistence? Good looks? Height? Impressive Career? Wealth? Softness? Faith? Care? Hmmm... Yup! the last word. Probably if those guys knew my soft spot, I would say yes to them... but of course they should really show they sincerely care. How? By sharing my problem, by offering help during my tough times... what else melt my heart? Piety. But of course not to the extreme ....

So guys out there... if you want to win a girl's heart, be a caring man... be pious and above all do not force her to accept you... time will tell ... if you are not successful in winning her heart, just accept the fact that you are not meant for each other.... don't be pushy, girls will run away... give her time and space.. be there for her during tough times.. let her appreciate your presence.... All the best!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

May Allah forgive both of us

I can't imagine if I were to lose a daughter...I have only two. One has gone far to study in the land of the prophets.... the other one is now in a state of defiance... not knowing what she wants and how to satisfy her.... I beg that Allah forgive us both... I have asked for forgiveness but there was no response on her part... if everything that happens is a test for me ya Allah, I accept it all with an open heart... I may not be the best mother ... but I am trying to be one... I pray that Allah will guide me through.... I keep telling myself probably she is experiencing turbulence of emotion in her teenage life... and of course I need to be there for her to guide her through... I have never given up on her ... she is mine ... Allah lends her to me ... for me to nurture, educate and support her with my life ... there's nothing much I could do for the time being since she refuses to even look at me what else talk to me....One thing for sure, I will never cease praying...I believe in the power of what mothers could do....